Run An Empire


A strategy game aimed specifically at runners


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Run An Empire is a strategy game where you can build a virtual empire by running in the real world. The basic concept is that to conquer lands, instead of tapping the screen, you have to run through the area you want to claim.

Starting out in Run An Empire you have dominion over a small box corresponding to the actual area you are standing in. With your decisions in the game and your runs outside of it, you can then go about conquering new territories. And once you've conquered a new plot, you can also start building on it.

One of the most entertaining things about Run An Empire is that you can investigate new technologies and move through different eras, as if you were in a game of Civilization. Obviously, though, you've got to run to do it. You've got to run a LOT.

Run An Empire is a fun combo of strategy and augmented reality games with a pedometer. You can keep close track of how many miles you run, how many calories you burn, and how much time you've spent exercising.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher